In an effort to support the development of your STEAM-centered curricula, we have curated a booklist that we feel represents some of the best available children’s literature related to the different focus group topics. Our goals in doing so are to:

  1. Present books that can enhance the teaching and learning process, engage children in a course of study, and inspire curiosity, thinking, and creativity.
  2. Facilitate the integration of our STEAM topics across disciplines. Many of the books we have included have natural connections to not just the science concepts central to our focus groups, but also to math, literacy, social studies, art, music, and our surrounding community. We have made some of these connections explicit by “tagging” the books to indicate their links to specific topics in the different disciplines.
  3. Enhance collaboration among educators throughout the school year. Libib, the online library management system that houses our booklist, allows for people to leave comments that others may read. It is our hope that if you have found a particular book to be especially engaging for your students, or you developed a powerful experience for students related to a book on the list, that you will make note of it to share with others. See more on how to do this in the Tech Recommendations page.

Finding the booklist:

Click on this link or type it into the address bar:

On the left-hand side of the screen, you will see the different “libraries” available for you to browse through. Each focus group has its own library. There is another library for teacher resources, and one that cites multimedia. Click on the appropriate library.