SEC Fellowship: Sticks and Stones (and other nature treasures) at Six to Six

By Eva Kibby Since the Seedlings summer workshop, Carol Barker has been making an effort to incorporate her preschool children’s early and natural wonder in nature into the daily life of her team’s curriculum and work. Her students are so invested in bringing “nature” into their class that Carol and her team have been

SEC Fellowship at Troup: Integration in PreK

Shandra Patton is our Seedlings Fellow at Augusta Lewis Troup School in New Haven. She teaches preK and is collaborating with kindergarten teacher Gyna Grant and art teacher Rebecca Looney, both two-time participants at the SEC summer workshop, to integrate curriculum and explore process art at various age levels. Below is Shandra’s first blog entry describing how one integrated unit emerged in her classroom in the beginning of the year. 

SEC Fellowship at Six to Six

Eva Kibby is our Seedlings Fellow at Six to Six Interdistrict Magnet School in Bridgeport. She has been collaborating with the schools’ preschool team, two of whom attended the Seedlings summer workshop in 2017, to apply their Seedlings thinking in their classroom practice. Below is Eva’s first blog entry about the beginning stages of this collaboration.

Carol Barker and Marilyn Della Rocco are both preschool teachers at Six to Six Interdistrict Magnet School. They work with 3 and 4 year olds.

After attending Seedlings 2017, they felt a mind shift. The idea of working in and outside with nature is their new norm. One of the big takeaways from the summer experience was from a visit to Common Ground High School. On that trip they observed the playscapes and ideas of ways to enhance the exploration of natural resources.

Meet our Seedlings Fellows!

We are proud to announce that this school year we are piloting an exciting new component of the Seedlings Educators Collaborative: The SEC Fellowship. The SEC Fellowship supports a small number of SEC alumni in their ongoing efforts to implement SEC work in their schools, and in their role as a mentor to similarly motivated SEC alumni within their school. Two overarching goals are to (a) connect the curricular work created during the summer workshop with classroom practices inspired by SEC’s educational philosophy, while meeting the goals of Districts and National Standards, and (b) strengthen collaboration and communication among SEC alumni.