It’s Here!!

You know that feeling of the night before the first day of school? The tables are arranged, the books in order, name tags are waiting to be worn. Now it’s just the last few hours of waiting before you meet your new group….That’s kind of how we feel the night before a new week of Seedlings!

Tomorrow is the first day of what will be a wonderful week full of inquiry, collaboration, affirmation, new ideas, new friendships, good food, and joy. We just can’t wait to meet our new participants and reconnect with returnees. Let us know your favorite Seedlings memories in the comments section.

Bonus: Not a bad view for the week!


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  1. jlc20

    Well, I’m excited! Looking forward to 9:00 when we greet the teachers and start the week!

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  2. Lisa Baglini

    I had the privilege of being a part of seedlings the past 2 years and it was amazing! I am so excited that my fellow coworker was able to attend this year. From the friendly knowledgeable mentors to the hands on activities and field trips and of course delicious local food 🙂 I will never forget my experience at Seedlings it has changed my way of teaching!

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